Learn Any Song at Any Skill Level Using Songscribe

Use AI to transcribe the chords, lyrics, and individual notes of any song


Music Transcription

Songscribe automatically transcribes both chords and individual notes, creating a high-quality MIDI file in the process.

Time-synced Lyrics

Automatically detects lyrics in just shy of 100 different languages and time-syncs them at the individual word level.

How it Works

Songscribe works by taking an audio file or youtube video and transcribing it to a high-quality MIDI using advanced AI techniques.


Upload or paste a link to the audio file or YouTube video you want to learn.


Our AI technology will automatically analyze the audio and generate a high-quality transcription of the music and any lyrics.


Review and edit the transcription as needed. You can adjust chords, and make other modifications to ensure that the transcription is accurate and easy to play.


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